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Hello! I’m Donna Rice. My husband, Cliff, and I are estate planning attorneys with almost 75 years of legal experience between us. We’ve spent thousands of hours working with families and hearing both the victories and woes of family life. We’ve learned a lot and taken to heart the need for thoughtful and intentional actions to convey not only monetary wealth, but the treasure of family wisdom and love, to future generations.

In the last few years, we’ve become grandparents ourselves and we’re working to incorporate the wisdom gleaned from our professional lives into creating our own family legacy. Our children are well on their way to providing a dozen little folks for us to love and enjoy the rest of our lives! Four of them live right next door to us and can run across the lawn to see Nonny and Papa.

Donna Rice and Cliff Rice

What We Do

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In our law practice, we’ve seen an increase in grandparents who are actively involved in raising grandchildren and many who are struggling with changing societal values and family dysfunction. And while we can help with the financial side of that equation as estate planning attorneys, there haven’t been many resources available to share with people who want to be more involved and active in the process of passing down family values and engaging with their grandchildren in positive ways.

That’s why we started Grandparenting A to Z. We know there are thousands of grandparents out there who want to do more than just sharing photos on Facebook. These individuals want to build strong, loving bonds with their grandchildren using their unique grandparenting styles. They want to help young family members learn and grow into responsible adults. And they want to help their own children face the challenges of raising children in the twenty first century. Between rearing our own six children in light of divorce and blended family issues, our time as grandparents, and professional or ministerial experiences, we’ve just about seen it all.


Grandparents, it’s time to get intentional about being a grandparent and what you pass down to your children and grandchildren.

You won’t be with them forever on the earth, but you will leave impressions that will endure throughout their lives. Let’s make grandparenting a verb.

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With Grandparenting A to Z, we’re building a library of expert resources and assembling a community of supportive grandparents committed to building their own family legacy. We hope you’ll join us as we take on what it means to be an outstanding grandparent, from planning for fun activities to handling serious issues like divorce, illness, or addiction. Take a look at what’s new in our Grandparenting A to Z blog to learn more about how to gain access to the full Grandparenting A to Z community and resource library.
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