Month: August 2021


Passing On The Value of Classical Education

There’s much controversy surrounding education in our present day. Many are concerned with the lack of understanding of history, government, and even language and communication that is becoming evident among our young. Employers are struggling in the workplace with employees coming away from colleges without certain analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. Perhaps we’ve drifted away …

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Supporting Your Children’s Education Choices for Your Grands

If you’re not already aware, check out how education is becoming a contentious matter for so many these days. In the midst of a global pandemic, changing cultural and moral values, and political rhetoric have turned schooling into a point of disagreement. While we have strong passions at GPAZ, we often try to take an …

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Education for Grandparents

GPAZ is all about education this month. Let’s take today to talk about education for grandparents. First, I am a staunch advocate of lifelong learning. In my opinion, there’s a part of us that starts stagnating as soon as we choose to stop looking for new things to experience or learn. Education for Grandparents Let’s …

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Supporting Your Grandchildren’s Education

More and more families share multigenerational living space or include grandparents with custody of grandchildren. Even if living in more traditional circumstances, with the turmoil of the recent pandemic, grandparents are becoming more involved in their grandchildren’s education. With this in mind, there are important considerations for all so that the grandchildren receive the best …

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