Becoming a Grandma

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What Is It Like Becoming a Grandma?

When you first become the grandmother of an infant grandchild, you will be overwhelmed with joy to welcome this new generation of your family. You, like the new parents, will be full of excitement as you look forward to sweet baby firsts. You may also have moments where you feel your age and wonder what having a grandchild will mean for your relationships with your children and your spouse. You may have dreams and hopes about how your legacy will be shaped through this precious new life.

Even more overwhelming might be the realization of how many things have changed since you first raised your kids. Safety rules and expectations are different now, and it is important to keep up to date and discuss changing child-rearing norms with your children. This can cause stress for many new grandparents.

To help prepare for becoming a grandma, sit down with the new parents and ask them what’s important to them. Learn the rules and expectations they have, so you can be supportive of how they want to raise their child. Communication is key! It’s also likely that the new parents have rules that may require adherence to schedules of feeding or playtime. Being a grandma means supporting your children as they attempt to navigate the challenges of parenthood.

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Set Aside Time For Your Grandkids

Being a grandparent is not simply about babysitting when necessary. Being the best grandparent requires much more than that! Allocating quality time to spend with your grandchildren makes all the difference in how the relationships develop. Make time to know your grandchildren and engage actively in their young lives.

Becoming a grandma means being there for special events, big or small. It means being ready to offer assistance when needed. This can be particularly difficult if you live far away from where your family is. However, distance doesn’t have to mean you aren’t able to have an impact on your grandchildren’s lives. Changing technologies mean you can keep in touch easier than ever before. Write emails, FaceTime, and share digital photos. These are all ways you can stay in touch – even when you’re apart.

New Grandmas Need Support Too!

Being a grandma means having the support of others in this “grandma club” so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You are not alone in this journey. Many modern families are struggling with figuring out how to navigate modern parenting and grandparenting. At Grandparenting A to Z, we want to help you make the most out of every moment you spend with your grandchildren. That’s why we offer several online resources. You can visit our blog and sign up for our monthly newsletter for a mix of original content, tips, activities, and early access updates.
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